The hosts


They are volunteers becoming, during the Festival, a family for the artists of the guest ensembles. These volunteers open their homes and their hearts with generosity and simplicity.

His role :

  • Offer breakfast, bedtime and accompaniment on the site.
  • Ensure the schedule of appointments of the organization.
  • Ensure the family meal on Saturday lunch and Sunday lunch.

Why ? :

  • Live privileged moments.
  • Discover new cultures and exchange.
  • Share moments of relaxation between young dancers and your children and promote language exchanges (English, Spanish).
  • To discover the Basque culture.
  • Get to know each other between host families and build lasting relationships.
  • This is the peculiarity of the Festival. Each, by its participation brings a stone to the book and allows the perpetuation of the Festival.

           NB: the host family has 2 free places for 2 shows.

Depending on availability, groups are distributed by village. If you are interested but you have transportation problems, please specify it so that we organize accordingly.

If you wish to welcome artists participating in the festival you can contact us at:

06 84 33 31 52 (Sylvie) or 06 31 16 41 81 (Gaël).