Forty five years after its creation at Confolens, CIOFF® France brings together the organizers of some thirty festivals, associations and institutions working for the promotion and dissemination of popular cultures and personalities wishing to participate or support their action. Its “Youth” section mobilizes youth around the exchange of cultures for peace.

Today together, artists, festival-goers, organizers and volunteers are the authors of the success of CIOFF® and its festivals, their commitment to peace through the meeting of cultures.

The objectives of CIOFF®

Since 1970, the CIOFF® created in France, in Confolens, works for the safeguarding and the diffusion of the traditional and popular culture.
By its action, the CIOFF® aims at the following objectives:

  • Promote intangible heritage through forms of expression such as dance, music, games, rites, customs and other arts.
  • To serve the objectives of UNESCO.
  • Support the activities of its members and cooperate with any other organization active in the field of cultural heritage.
  • To achieve these goals for a culture of peace and non-violence.

The adherent members

With some 75 national sections and various Associate or Corresponding Members, CIOFF® is active in more than 90 countries and 5 continents.

In several countries, “Youth” working groups have been created.

The actions of CIOFF®

  • Consultation of some 250 international festivals of folklore and traditional arts.
  • Exchange of traditional ensembles affecting more than 50,000 amateur artists each year.
  • Participation in UNESCO programs.
  • Transmission of cultural heritage to youth.
  • Conferences, symposiums and exhibitions.
  • Publications: CIOFF® Calendar of Festivals, Newsletter “Entre-nous” and Reports.
  • Collaboration with various national, international and other non-governmental organizations.
  • Annual involvement of 20-25,000 volunteers in CIOFF® events.
  • And every 4 years: Folklorida Mondiales du CIOFF®: artistic gathering of all the member countries.

The world is of all colors, it flourishes in a multicolored and fraternal harmony on our scenes, in our streets, but especially in our hearts.

“The other” is not a curiosity, it is a brother, a friend come with wealth that he is happy to share. he marvels and he is amazed. the tears are only tears of intense happiness. Laughs a challenge to injustice, to the aggression that ravages our world.

With the CIOFF®, be sowers of peace, generosity and hope.