The group Mali Gorzowiacy was created at the center of the youth community in Gorzow Wielkopolski in 1981. The group has about 160 members aged 5 to 22 from local schools. The set presented is composed of children from 11 to 15 years old.

After the Second World War, Gorzow Wielkopolski was inhabited by Poles from all over the country, which is why “Mali Gorzowiacy” presents the folklore of these regions including their characteristics as: dances, songs, costumes, music, cries, dialects.

The group also presents Polish national dances that have an important place in the history of the country. These dances dates from the 19th century. They have become the symbol of Polish cultural independence and the national spirit.

The leaders of the group try to adapt the program to the age and abilities of the members. In addition, they work to develop young people’s interest in music and dance and to develop their knowledge of folk traditions from different parts of Poland.

One of the first goals is to show Polish dances on stage. This is achieved through appropriate techniques and appropriate emphasis on dynamics in choreographic arrangements, as well as the quality of the orchestral sound that is a very important part of the group.

The instruments used are: violins, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, accordion (integrated into folk groups after World War II)

Only the requirements of the scenes reduce the authenticity of the program presented to a certain extent. In order to make them more attractive to the public, it was necessary to adapt the successive elements of dance, song, music, group performance and performances in duet or solo.

The traditional costumes presented by the group are usually festive, ornate and fashionable outfits, which differ considerably from the simple everyday clothes worn at work.

Each year, the ensemble performs several times in Poland and abroad. Mali Gorzowiacy has taken part in various international events and festivals all over Europe but also in South Korea, United States, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Venezuela …