Partnership – Sponsorship

The festival could not exist without the support of our partners, patrons and communities.

Partners – Patrons – Sponsors, Gauargi needs you!

To help the association there are several options:

  • Become a volunteer and join the association by paying a fee of € 5 per year.
  • Become a Partner-Contract Partnership-Gauargi
  • Becoming a MecenatGauargi Contract

Patronage is a gift.
Patronage is the material or financial support provided without direct consideration from the beneficiary. But Gauargi thanks the patron by showing his name on the Wall of Benefactors, without commercials and inviting him to the reception and the pre-opening show.
Act of 2003: All donation opens a possibility of a tax reduction up to 66%.

The partnership is a help.
The partner is the material or financial support provided, in return for communication actions from the beneficiary.
Gauargi also invites the partners to the reception and the pre-opening show, broadcasts the company’s logo on the screen of the festival during each show and proposes a netlinking action.

For more information contact:

Sylvie Lacau, treasurer: ou Gaël Alric, adjunct treasurer :