For the 30th anniversary of the World Children’s Festival of Saint-Maixent-L’Ecole, the association of the Rencontres Internationales de Folklore Enfantin wanted to pay tribute to the old “school of poitevin traditions: Les P’tits Châgnes”, dissolved in 2002, by creating a new childish traditional dance group in Saint-Maixent-L’Ecole. On the other hand, the dance school is a challenge that was first carried by the President of the association of RIFE. Then, young people motivated by the idea of ​​recreating a folkloric group seized this project, developed it, gave it life – starting with a small group of children from the city of Ventoux. Then, thanks to the association VIVA-CITEE, the volunteers of the school have been able to favor a fusional approach with the children. This deployment allowed the children to learn about associative life, to discover new traditional cultures, in short to have fun while having a concrete goal to achieve!

The festival has chosen a so-called disadvantaged city, that is why our school has a social purpose too. It aims to enable children to travel across France through CIOFF affiliated festival networks. Children will be able to perform in front of another audience and discover the wealth of national folk festivals and French regions.

The initial project is established over two years. For the first year, the goal was to create a dance suite of 8 to 10 minutes that would be presented at the Birthday Gala of the World Children’s Festival, on July 13, 2017. The children performed again during the show the 14th of July then during the parade in the streets of the city on the 15th. The performances were a great success creating the surprise among the public.

At the end of the project, the objective is to make the group participate in two festivals of the CIOFF network (Espelette and Cers) during the summer 2018.

The approach of the arts and popular traditions of the world through dance and music allows an opening to the world through the discovery of the other. Learning, the transmission of knowledge, because it will also be pupil to student, is a vector of respect. Dance and music, because they are practiced collectively, forge team spirit and cooperation.

The project therefore also has educational ambitions because through the popular traditions are also expressed the different cultures of the world that we know today.

It is also a social project for several reasons. Its goal is to work with children from diverse backgrounds and allow them to do a round of several festivals in the network. This could be an opportunity to go on an educational and cultural stay, and for some, a way to access a holiday outside of their home. In addition, the diversity of dances that will be practiced within this structure will lead the members of the project to meet other local associations that also work in the field of live performance.



8 young artists take you on a story leavinf for an elsewhere, but where ?

Sometimes athletic performance, acrobatic, sometimes on the side of choreography, this series of figures accompanied by musics and body percussions takes us in a aesthetic dimension and emotional reach.

In a tension of all his being, man is placed between here and there in a double existence, in an in-between where he moves, most often on a rhythm then on the other or the silence … the one of travel, that of dance.

The urban underground culture, the Hip Hop dance cultivating with it revolt and freedom.

“You do not know who you are, you are part of something, but you forget everything, you loose everything, you are in the music, in the movement, you do not see anything. You’re broke, that’s all. “



The BandaOc is a group of young musicians from the music school of Orthez and supervized by their teachers. It was born in 2010 under the impetus of tradicional music projects led by the County Council. Its particularity is to play music of Occitans dances and songs on modern instruments such as, Piccolos, Flutes, saxophones, trombones, accordions and percussions. It is easily performed outdoors in all regional festivals such as the Pantalonada carnival Biarnès, the Maraton de la Canta, the Passem and many others … It is directed by Hélène LAJUS.