Colombia: Danfoled foundation

The dance school for children has been founded in May 2010 by the current director Jessica Liseth Ecevedo Tijaro, who is working tirelessly to develop the artistic and cultural training in the municipality of Lerida.

The artistic and cultural foundation of traditional dances of Lerida – Tolima is a group based on the preservation of Tolima and its national customs. That is why it is comprised by a group of children including boys and girls coming from the working class of the city.

In this traditional working, it is possible to find traditional dances from Cundiboyacense region, from de coffee zone, from the Atlantic area and of course from the department of Lerida. The result is able thanks to a hard work with the best teachers and researcher of Tolima traditions.

The artistic work is based on the foundation of pastimes seen as an inductive method to practice traditional danses.

The fundamental goal of DANFOLED foundation is to the cultural management by putting an emphasis on dances, music and on performing arts. In this way, they contribute to develop their social and cultural environment.

Danfoled has gone in several festival and contests in Colombia.