The group Txikia is part of the group of “Duguna – dancers of Pamplona”.

This group has been created by the Mayor of Pamplona in 1949 with the aim of dancing for the ceremonies organized by the city. Before being a group of ordinary children learning dances from here and there, it is above all the group where children learn to become full dancers of Duguna.

The main group has created dances especially for ceremonies such as San Fermin’s “Ezpata dantza”, dances for Saint Firmin and Saint Saturnin, “Soka Dantza” on the eve of Saint Blaise and Saint John … That is, Pamplona’s dances. To get there and to continue on this path, the Txikia group takes the first steps. The creation of the “Soka dantza” for young people is a good example and it will be presented during the Gauargi festival. We will also present 2 of the 7 dances that make up the Trokeo dance cycle. Other dances will also be revealed, such as “Sagar dantza” of Arizkun, “Arku dantza” of Biarritz and the “makil dantza” and “uztai txiki” of Guipuzcoa.