Gauargi, Children and Dances of the World

The 22nd edition of the festival Gauargi will take place from Wednesday 18th July to Tuesday 24th July 2018.
With colourful performances, a festive programme and groups coming from all over the world: Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Basque Country and France.

2018 Gauargi Festival – A light in life

For more than two decades, the association Gauargi – Children and Dances of the World causes every year unlikely and unforgettable meetings. Each month of July is an excuse to receive in the village of Espelette, some three hundred children / dancers from the Basque Country of course and from all over the world.

It is always a privileged moment to first discover the incredible richness of our Basque culture. This is one of the first goals of this association … It is also an opportune moment for encounters, exchanges and hands to stretch, and each time the life of those who pass through Gauargi is forever changed and / or “upset” … But it’s not just about meetings between dancers …

 Magic of the show or everyday life off stage ?

The natural grace of children, their simplicity, their semblance of innocence transport our audiences in an unreal dimension. The magic always operates and makes “havoc”. Beyond these shows, behind the scenes is a “world” where all the beauty of the artistic productions of these dancers and musicians is ultimately little. There are many more … Moments to which the public come to seek the magic of the spectacle, does not accede.

The Festival operates on a daily basis, in unforgettable exchanges with host families, with children from leisure centers and teen centers, but also during meetings with the children of Bayonne Hospital, always poignant and filled with real moments. And finally during moments of sharing with the seniors also invited to these unexpected meetings.

Intergenerational meetings

It is in the image of true crossover that Gauargi lives this week of meetings, sharing and hands outstretched. Incredibly, besides the volunteer organizers, it is the young people and the children themselves who are at the center of these curious impulses to want to live together … A special day is also scheduled during which young and old will enter the world of Gauargi and surely in the world of Dance, even if the “times” and rhythms have changed.

Children « craftsmen  of Peace » …

Stand in front of one another, smile shyly, accept each other and reach out and finally kiss each other…
Here is a very poor summary, a minimalist and reductive image of a week of adventure Gauargi.
Despite the barriers of the language of each, of different religions and cultures, it is at a giant step that the children of Gauargi, because the time is counted to them, make fall the useless walls that the adults have erected. to be for the purpose of (supposedly) protecting them …
And if Dance is a language, it is thanks to it that magic is expressed, that the barriers fall and the only culture that makes the hearts of these children beat is that of Peace.
Voracious apprentices of Life, it is in a few hours that this process is triggered each year, by which each child learns crossed the other without fear and without ulterior motive. Gauargi’s lesson is on the way, the lives of these children are forever transformed, their words and actions are permanently free from the fear of others.It is at the time of “goodbye” that all the greatness of the emotions are revealed.
They came to teach us Life, as great peacekeepers as they are …

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Gauargi (illuminated night) is a spirit who is called to get rid of Inguma, the evil spirit who visit the sleepers and provoke them awful anxieties by tightening their throat.

Gauargi is manifesting itself by a form of light on the floor, in the trees, on the rocks: now and here, then in the air and on the mountain. Gauargi is like that.

Since the first and crazy attempt in Cambo, the path has been opened and the road has been hit. The road that each year for 22 years lead the children of all over the world toward our Basque Country and towards our own children.