Gauargi, Welcome!

The 22nd edition of the Gauargi festival is under development.

With new projects, colourful performances, a festive programme and groups coming from all over the world: Belarus, Colombia, Ivory Coast, France, Basque Country, Poland and Sri Lanka.

While waiting for more information, please note the dates of Gauargi festival:

From Wednesday 18th July to Tuesday 24th July 2018.

Thank you for your fidelity and see you soon!


Who is Gauargi ?

Gauargi (illuminated night) is a spirit who is called to get rid of Inguma, the evil spirit who visit the sleepers and provoke them awful anxieties by tightening their throat.

Gauargi is manifesting itself by a form of light on the floor, in the trees, on the rocks: now and here, then in the air and on the mountain. Gauargi is like that.

Since the first and crazy attempt in Cambo, the path has been opened and the road has been hit. The road that each year for 21 years lead the children of all over the world toward our Basque Country and towards our own children.